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Your First Visit to Our Green Springs Practice

Make Yourself at Home

Dr. Randy Wurts Green Springs Chiropractor

Welcome to Green Springs Chiropractic!

One should feel comfortable anywhere they go and I do my best to make my office atmosphere pleasant and inviting just like a home. We are a family here at Green Springs Chiropractic!


We start by reviewing the proper forms necessary for you to begin care to avoid any confusion. However, if you already have your forms filled out, the office tour can begin immediately so you know where all the rooms are located. The fees for your visits will be included in the paperwork.

Chiropractic Patient Education

After you have filled out and completed the paperwork, I will then sit down with you; this gives you a chance to talk and me an opportunity to listen. I will explain my how I practice as well. I like to clear up any confusion you may have about chiropractic right from the beginning and explain to you what Chiropractic itself is all about!

Health Consultation

Being excited that you have chosen chiropractic care, I would like to be on the same page with you and make sure you are just as committed as I am. I take your health very seriously and cherish your decision for choosing Green Springs Chiropractic! Next we review your case history and preform the exam.

At the conclusion of the visit I will review what we did for you on the first visit and what will occur on the second X-rays visit.

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