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Regular Visits

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A typical adjusting visit does not take long since I studied your examination and x-rays.

I like it when people can walk right into an adjusting room, but this is not always the case and a small wait may occur. This is a good time to scan the bulletin board for health tips, fun information, and events in the office.

Upon entering the adjustment room, you may have a seat in the chair until the doctor is ready to see you. There is a question or comment on the board to direct your thoughts to a health related topic.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Often times your neck will be adjusted in the chair and the rest of your spine will be examined and adjusted on the table.

Setting Health Goals

Empowerment is a big part of my philosophy as well, so we get to discuss how you have been taking control of your health. Often people will tell me what they have been doing to improve their health unlike the medical doctors office where you talk about sickness.

After the adjustment you will make a reservation for your next adjustment and pay for your adjustment. Unless you have pre-scheduled and prepaid, then you are free to leave.

A typical visit last approximately 5 minutes. If you do require more time then we well schedule additional time.

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